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Photo of sheila e. sheila e. San Jose, CA

Dr. Dong = 5 stars
Office interior= 5stars

I broke a tooth and was recommended to this office. It was my first visit and I was impressed, with so many aspects of my visit.

1. Staff is extremely friendly and professional. The check frequently if you are doing alright.

2. Dr. Dong was awesome! He took time to explain everything and was patient if  you had question. He was super considerate all during the procedure , checking if I was doing alright. He listens really well, I told him that Im very sensitive to pain and that usually I have to have extra numbing because I usually can still feel pain. He did a excellent job numbing me up I didn't feel a thing!
The also know and ask if you mouth needs to rest, so the will stop and let you close you mouth and take a break, and they put Vaseline around your mouth so your mouth doesn't crack, very nice touch!

3. The atmosphere is so harmonious, everyone gets along really great, the seem like a big family and Dr Dong was really nice to his assistants, which I like to see in a doctor.

4. The interior of the office looks brand new and clean. I really like how they have a DVD playing while your in there, it's a nice distraction and calm you down.

Over all my experience was very pleasant and now I'm switching my whole family and telling my friends to go to him.

If you need a new dentist, go here, you won't be disappointed!

Photo of JASMIN O. JASMIN O. San Jose, CA

04/14/2010 Dr. Tracey AND staff get 5 stars for the warm, friendly, and professional atmosphere.

I was recommended to this place by my mom, and shortly after my entire family started coming here, and now I'm trying to get everyone else I know to come here too. My plan is kind of backfiring because now her schedule is starting to fill faster! Open everyday except for Sundays, and as late as 6 or 7pm, this dental office is very accommodating. They give you an appointment reminder card as well as call to confirm a day or two before.

Walking in, you're greeted promptly and the wait area has new magazines, a clean couch, a good movie, and there's even a playstation for kids. There's a wide variety of dvds to choose from that you can enjoy while your teeth are being serviced.

DR. TRACEY IS AMAZING WITH CHILDREN. My son is 5 and has been going to her since he was 2 1/2, and my daughter is now 3. Both get excited to go here! They've had gentle cleanings and my son has had to have a few cavities filled.. meaning shots.. but has never cried about them, he hardly notices. She takes great care in making sure her little patients are comfortable.

I wish I got to leave with a toy like my kids do :)

Photo of D B. D B. San Jose, CA

03/08/2010 I was noticing that there were only a few recent reviews for Edenvale Dental Group.  I have been seeing Dr. Mindi for several years and actually look forward to my next appointment.  The cheerful atmosphere of all of the beautiful staff makes for a very warm reception.  And after witnessing first hand some of her "genuine" acts of selfless kindness, it validates to me that she is truly a very good person.  The care is also very TOP NOTCH.

Photo of Jessica T. Jessica T.San Jose, CA

03/08/2010 "I love going to my dentist, Mommy."

My daughter Jessica was four year of age when I took her to see Dr. Tracy Tran at
Edenvale Dental. That was the first time that Jessica had been to the dental office.

The beautiful and genuine smile from Dr. Tracy Tran had made Jessica getting in the chair confidently. Seeing my shy daughter felt comfortable in Dr. Tracy Tran good hands, I'm thankful for having such a dedicated and wonderful caring dentist for my daughter. Dr. Tracy Tran was truly a terrific dentist for my Jessica. Jessica was smile and gave me a great big hug after the first time ever clean-up teeth.

Jessica is now almost seven years old. Jessica still loves going to see Dr. Tracy Tran for check-ups and cleaning twice a year. Jessica always say "Mommy, I love going to my dentist! :)"

What a job well-done, Dr. Tracy Tran! I highly recommend Dr. Tracy Tran to all of the parents out there to bring your lovely little ones to a great genuine dentist like Dr. Tracy Tran.

Photo of Justin V. Justin V. San Jose, CA

I have been with Edenvale Dental office from the first day its opened in 2004. Dr. Tracy Tran is very very good with what she does. She takes time to perform procedures, gentles and nice. Her assistants also very friendly and helpful. Every time I walk into her office, I feel like going to see a group of close friends. She got my teeth fixed, for the past 3 years I don't have any issues on my teeth any more...just come for check ups and cleaning every 6 months or so...I don't want any other dentists to touch my teeth beside her...I have referred many of my friends and family members to Dr. Tracy Tran...and they all came back told me that they were very happy with her services...

Photo of Linh D. Linh D. San Francisco, CA

 02/02/2010 I live in San Francisco and drive all the way down just to have Dr. Dong drill holes into my teeth and clean it.  'Nough said.

Photo of Hung L. Hung L. San Jose, CA 

01/11/2010 I've been going to Mindi for over 5 years now, ever since she was working in Sunnyvale. She's done an excellent job compared to all of my previous dentist. I use to dread going to the dentist, but Mindi and her staff makes it fun to go to the dentist. It's the attention to details: movie/tv in each room while you're waiting, cleanliness of the facilities and no double booking that really sets her apart.

I've had all four of my wisdom tooth taken out by 3 different dentist. Only Dr. Mindi was able to make it painless. Hats off to her and her team on a job well done over the years.

Photo of Heather M. Heather M. Menlo Park, CA

02/15/2010 They are amazing!! It is the best practice I have been to in years. They know how to treat their patients. I had a major cavity filled and they were sensitive to how long they were working on me and took breaks so I would not be so sore.
When there was an issue with my insurance, they did not blame me....this was shocking  and refreshing!!!! They really understand what good customer service means and are 100% committed to providing it for their patients.

Photo of Linda W. Linda W. San Jose, CA

02/10/2010 EDENVALE Dental Group is not only the best dental office I've been in, but most of all the most personable... I've never felt so comfortable in a dental office; honestly... TAM LY made me felt like home... She made sure to accommodate my schedule. She arrange to have my 6 yrs old son in a private room and asked him what movie he would like to watch. Of course he picked 'Iron Man". All the ladies up front is VERY friendly... It's always nice to step in an office and see such bright smiles greeting you. The office is clean and nice!

Dr. Mindi is EXCELLENT! She made my son feel really comfortable and was super gentle. I have to say I am extremely happy to find Dr. Mindi.

Annonymous Patient (website feedback)

0/22/2010 Dr Mindy is the best dentist I have ever had. She is gentle,and has a way of putting you at ease. My whole family enjoys her skill!

  HD. San Jose, CA

05/09/09  I have to admit prior to visiting Edenvale i hadn't been to the dentist in a long time. Dr. Linda is the nicest dentist i have ever met and is really great at what she does. The staff is awesome there and scheduling a visit was a great experience. My son and daughter love going there and so do i:).

Photo of Damien T. Damien T. San Jose, CA

4/19/2009  This place is very friendly and everyone speak english well. There are many rooms and the office is modern and clean. I called on the last day of my insurance fiscal coverage before it runs out. I told them that I needed to use the insurance immediatedly and they took me the same day even though they are booked. Dr.Dong agreed to stay after hours to extract my wisdom teeth.  I didn't know how to sort out my insurance to see which coverage I have, but Mimi took the time to call my insurance to find out. I have been here a total of 4 times to get everything from cleaning, extractions, filling, and a root canal. Dr.Dong Nguyen is very friendly and skilled. I will be returning for a fifth time soon for cleaning. I am very happy that I came here and have nothing but good things to say about them.

Photo of lily d. lily d. San Jose, CA
3/26/2009  My best friend is a dental hygiene student, and she always want me to come for a teeth cleaning.  I usually embarrass of my teeth because i get stuffs build up really fast.  So, i started to go to Dr. Mindi since last year.  She's a very conservative, knowledgeable, and kind heart person.  Recently, she hired a new dental hygienist.  She's great! I felt more confident about my teeth after the cleaning.  When i came to my best friend's dental hygiene clinic, she told me my teeth is so clean that left her not thing to clean.  I'm very happy with Dr. Mindi and her staffs.

Photo of Ann N. Ann N. San Jose, CA
2/10/2009  From the moment you enter the office and are greeted by the receptionist to meeting w/ Dr. Mindi, you are treated as a good friend or a family member.
they have always promptly get my daughter and I in within 5minutes after we arrive and get us out within the hour...yes both of us.
the dentist assistants and Dr. Mindi great and are gentle and my 7 yr old are not scared of going to the dentist.
their follow-up appts for any teeth issues are within a week and is very accomodating of your work hours.
i totally recommend this office to everyone.
they are open 6 days a week from 9am - 6pm...and the later hours work great for this working mom.

Photo of Vi Y. Vi Y. San Jose, CA

2/3/2009  I've been going to Dr. Mindi for about 3-4 years now.

At first, I started going because she offered free ZOOM teeth whitening to her patients.  That and it's about 2 miles from my house.  But once I met her, she's amazing!  She has this great energy around her that reminds you of Sunshine Bear from the Care Bears.  

I love the little personal touches you get here that you don't get at other dentist joints.  My favorite being they put vaseline on your lips before they start working on you.  Um hello?!  Why hasn't anyone thought of that before?  No more dry/cracked lips for me. :)  

She's also the most gentle person, and wants to make sure you are not hurt.  She does this weird technique to give shots, with this shaking your cheek thing, but I honestly do NOT feel the needle at all...and trust me, I am a little b17ch when it comes to pain.  :(  

There are tv's and dvd players in each room, so you can watch a movie while you are getting your teeth cleanend, and they even try to cater the movies to your tastes.  When I go in, I get romantic comedies.  When my husband comes in, he gets the latest action movies.  And my mom, they'll even have Paris By Night, those Vietnamese video thingys.

Another big plus is people there speak english!  Hard to find in the Bay Area at times.  They also habla espanol, so holla! :)

Photo of Holly Y. Holly Y. San Jose, CA

1/8/2009  I've been going to Dr. Mindi for about two years now. She's very nice and sweet, and also, she's very very good.

I've been going to a lot of dentists in my past but she's the best out of all. I had teeth extraction (for my orthodontic treatment) as well as cleaning and cavity protection there, and it went very well. Also I felt very little pain or discomfort.

I'm so happy that I found Dr. Mindi.

Photo of michelle h. michelle h. Fort Walton Beach, FL

9/13/2006  I was very SAD when my tooth cracked yesterday morning. I hadn't been to the dentist in over 5 years, so I knew it wasn't going to be easy.

I wanted to fix this problem fast before I had extreme pain. I called Edenvale Dental Group after seeing their ad in the yellow pages. I asked if there was any possible way they could take me today, even though I didn't have an appointment. The receptionist was very nice and got me an appt. for 45 minutes from the time I called. Since I don't have insurance I was scared about what kind of damage this was going to do to my wallet. She gave me an estimate of what it was going to cost over the phone, so I would be prepared. She also told me that since I would be paying cash without insurance I would get a 30% discount! yay! I need all the help I can get.

Ok, so i went to my appt. and the receptionist again, was friendly, had me fill out some new patient forms and then I had to wait for about 2 minutes before they called me back.
When she took me to the room to wait for the dentist she said "let me put a movie in for you". I thought it was going to be some weird movie on the importance of flossing and brushing, but to my surprise she put in Hitch! Entertainment! Plus it was really clean in there, which is important!

A short while later Mimi came in and talked to me about my problem tooth. I told her I hadn't been to the dentist in a LONG time. She asked me if I wanted a cleaning today then as well because they would have to do x-rays anyway for $20 and then if I wanted a cleaning (which i REALLY needed) it would just be $19 more dollars.
Mimi took my x-rays and polished my teeth before the dentist came in to do the rest of the cleaning. She was very sweet and always asked if I was ok or if i was in pain. She also told me to raise my left hand if I wanted her to stop. I really liked that because how else are you supposed to tell them to stop if you have all of those tools in your mouth?

Then the dentist, Tracy came in. Again, a very nice person. She cleaned my teeth for me and looked at my x-rays. She then told me that it was up to me if i wanted to stay and wait to have my filling done, or if I wanted to make an appointment for later. She let me know it would be Ok either way. I decided I had enough for one day and made an appt. for the next week.

Of course there were more things that had to be done since I hadn't been to the dentist in 5 years. The receptionist wrote everything down for me and all of the estimates for everything too!
I got my free toothbrush and I was out the door!